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BV's BACS approved Payroll Bureau is a specialist provider of outsourced payroll services. More ...


Key Services
      Process the payroll
        Produce payslips, sealed/ non-sealed
        Process new starters and leavers
          along ith P45s/P46s

        Calculate SSP/SMP/SPP/SAP
   Calculate & record pensions
   Calculate & record Tax Credits
   Calculate & record Student Loans
   Calculate & record Attachment of 
          Earnings Orders
   Liaise with the Inland Revenue and 
          other official bodies on your
   Produce all the End of Year 
          information (P35, P14s) and submit
          it to the Inland Revenue 
          electronically, providing P60s to 
   Producing numerous reports, 
          including bespoke reports, 
          depending on the companie's needs 
          on a weekly, monthly or quarterly 
   Instructing the PAYE amount due to 
          the Inland Revenue and monitoring 
Claire Milner

BACS approved payroll bureau

Additional Services offered

      Absence monitoring
         Payroll Journals
         Employee payroll costs split over 
           departments, cost centres or 
           branches, or a variety

         Pension summaries
         Payroll rate and component 
    BACS payments
    Autopay / Faxpay payments
    Bank line / Online banking payments
    Processing payments for third party 
   Bespoke payslips if required
   Direct posting of payslips to employees
   All reports sent electronically via email

Employment Law Advice
      Working Time Directive
        National Minimum Wage rules
        contracts of employment drawn up

Example costs - see below









More Info ...  


Bennett Verby Payroll Bureau is a specialist provider of payroll services, backed by the professional approach of a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a first class service, relieving the burden of the responsibility and administration that surrounds payroll allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We constantly update our payroll systems and outsourcing processes, to ensure that your workforce are satisfied, being paid accurately and on time, which is essential for their productivity.

Many  of our clients have moved to us from an in house software solution, as they have realised that this was not the most effective solution. Outsourcing to us reduces the time spent on the payroll, removes costs for software and hardware upgrades, along with the training, making budgeting simple, as you know all your costs in advance, stops you from having to deal with the Inland Revenue and other official bodies, avoids the inconvenience and costs of covering payroll staff sickness and holiday leave and also means that you do not have to worry about keeping up to date with legislation and statutory changes.

With the Inland Revenue offering cash incentives (see below) for online filing there has never been a better time to outsource, as these incentives can be offset against your costs, even meaning that you could possibly have your payroll done for free!

As a BACS approved bureau we can also offer you the most cost effective solutions to paying your staff.












Costs To set up a payroll from paper records
£ p.o.a. (varies depending on number of staff)
   (p.o.a.  Price on application)


Set up a payroll from electronic Excel format


£  p.o.a.fixed price
Payroll run charge  
1-3 employees
4-10 employees
11-30 employees
31-70 employees
71-125 employees
126+ employees
£ p.o.a. per payslip
£ p.o.a. per payslip
£ p.o.a. per payslip
£ p.o.a. per payslip
£ p.o.a. per payslip
£ p.o.a. per payslip
Leavers and Joiners Free
Annual charge for P35, P14s and P60s (Returns filed electronically)
0-20 forms
21-50 forms
51-100 forms
101-150 forms
151 or more
£ p.o.a.
£ p.o.a.
£ p.o.a.
£ p.o.a.
£ p.o.a.
Amendments to payroll after reports issued


£ p.o.a. per amended payslip
BACS payments  
1-25 transactions
26-50 transactions
51-75 transactions
76-100 transactions
101+ transactions
£ p.o.a. per file
£ p.o.a. per file
£ p.o.a. per file
£ p.o.a. per file
£ p.o.a. per file
There is a minimum fee of £200 per annum for payroll services


** Inland Revenue cash Incentives are as follows:-
2005/6  £250
2006/7  £150
2007/8  £100
2008/9  £75